Hdpe Ldpe Bottles

HDPE bottles are clear, strong and lightweight plastic containers that are ideal for packaging a variety of products. They are resistant to moisture, chemicals and breakage, and have a wide mouth for easy filling and dispensing. These bottles also have excellent sealing properties and are able to withstand high temperatures during the filling and sterilization process. They are a popular choice for packaging personal care products, pharmaceuticals and food items.

Available Sizes & Styles

Part# PB-01-NHDC-20B-C
500 pcs/ctn
$0.13363 ea.

Part# PB-02-NHDC-20B-C
1500 pcs/ctn
$0.13336 ea.

Part# PB-02-WHDC-20B-C
784 pcs/ctn
$0.14318 ea.

Part# PB-04-24BWHDCTD
728 pcs/ctn
$0.20946 ea.

Part# PB-04-NCY-24B-TD
728 pcs/ctn
$0.20930 ea.

Part# PB-08-NHDC-24B-T
351 pcs/ctn
$0.36476 ea.

Part# PB-08-WHDCY-24B-TD
351 pcs/ctn
$0.20125 ea.

Part# PB-16-NHDC-28B-T
153 pcs/ctn
$0.43323 ea.

Part# PB-16-WHDC-24B-TD
189 pcs/ctn
$0.29785 ea.

Part# PB-16-WHDC-28B-T
153 pcs/ctn
$0.43323 ea.

Part# PB-32-NHDC-28B-T
77 pcs/ctn
$0.56511 ea.


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