Caps Poly-seal

A poly-seal cap is a type of closure used to seal bottles and jars. It consists of a plastic cap with a foam backing, which creates an airtight seal when applied to the opening of the container. Poly-seal caps are commonly used in the food and beverage industry to preserve the freshness and integrity of products. They are also used in a variety of other industries, such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and household products, to protect and preserve the contents of the container.

Available Sizes & Styles

Part# CPS-13D-B-PC-PS
$0.14580 ea.

Part# CPS-15D-B-QA-PS
$0.13849 ea.

Part# CPS-18A-B-QA-PS
$0.14371 ea.

Part# CPS-20A-B-QA-PS
$0.13556 ea.

Part# CPS-20B-W-QA-PS
$0.17093 ea.

Part# CPS-22A-B-PC-PS
$0.14956 ea.

Part# CPS-24A-B-PC-PS
$0.15314 ea.

Part# CPS-24E-B-PC-PS
$0.37247 ea.

Part# CPS-28A-B-PC-PS
$0.17559 ea.

Part# CPS-28E-B-PC-PS
$0.30551 ea.

Part# CPS-28E-W-PC-PS
$0.34020 ea.

Part# CPS-33A-B-PC-PS
$0.23801 ea.

Part# CPS-33E-B-PC-PS
$0.62563 ea.

Part# CPS-38A-B-PC-PS
$0.31529 ea.

Part# CPS-38E-B-PC-PS
$0.74297 ea.


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