Amber Jug

An Amber Jug is a type of container that is typically used for storing and transporting liquids. It is typically made from amber-colored glass, which helps to protect the contents of the jug from light exposure. Amber jugs are often used to store and dispense beverages such as water, juice, and beer, as well as chemicals and other products that are sensitive to light. They are typically cylindrical in shape with a handle for easy carrying, and they are often used with a spout or a screw-on cap for dispensing the contents (not included). Amber jugs are commonly used in the food and beverage industry, as well as in laboratories and other settings where light-sensitive products need to be stored and dispensed.

Available Sizes & Styles

Part# AJG-.5GAL-38A-O
6 pcs/ctn
$3.60640 ea.

Part# AJG-GAL-38A-O
6 pcs/ctn
$5.07150 ea.


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