An Amber Boston Round bottle is a type of glass container that is commonly used for storing and packaging liquids. It has a cylindrical shape with rounded shoulders and a narrow neck, and it is typically made from amber-colored glass. The amber color of the glass helps to protect the contents of the bottle from light exposure, making it an ideal choice for storing light-sensitive products such as essential oils, fragrances, and chemicals. Amber Boston Round bottles are typically used in the healthcare, cosmetics, and chemical industries, and they are often paired with a variety of closure options such as droppers, pumps, and caps (not included).

Available Sizes & Styles

Part# ABR-.25-20A-A
504 pcs/ctn
$0.25675 ea.

Part# ABR-.5-18A-W
720 pcs/ctn
$0.25393 ea.

Part# ABR-01-20A-W
432 pcs/ctn
$0.26765 ea.

Part# ABR-02-20A-W
288 pcs/ctn
$0.32380 ea.

Part# ABR-04-22A-W
160 pcs/ctn
$0.38450 ea.

Part# ABR-08-24A-W
108 pcs/ctn
$0.48202 ea.

Part# ABR-16-28A-W
60 pcs/ctn
$0.81466 ea.

Part# ABR-32-33A-W
30 pcs/ctn
$1.16081 ea.


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